Contemporary furniture styles- Modern designs for the new generation

Contemporary furniture or modern furniture was produced in the nineteenth century right up till date. Contemporary furniture is used for present dwelling and is usually scaled to a smaller size. Contemporary furniture is an inspiration that goes beyond a century back. The most noticeable feature is that while it can be either formal or informal. Contemporary furniture is easily noticeable by its simple lines. It is easily distinguishable by it not having intricate details or carving. This style of furniture is either hard edges or gently curved. The finishing of such furniture can be from light to dark. The popularity of Contemporary furniture is because it has clear lines, organic curves and a love for different materials. Let us now look at some different styles of Contemporary furniturehermanmillerpopup-0

Urban: For smaller living homes where there is less space people are using this type or furniture. They may be small in size but the impact is high. Urban style Contemporary furniture is defined by very less ornamentation, has striking shapes and lines, a range of bright colors and a wide range of materials are used like microfiber, glass, wood and leather.

RetroThis furniture was used in the bygone era in the fifties to the eighties. That is why, what is retro today, was high fashioned at that time. Now this type of furniture has come out of basements and garages and is the talk of the town in modern homes. Nowadays modular one piece plastic tables are available, boomerang tables, sputnik style, chrome bar stools other favorites are.

traditional-home-decorArt Deco:  This type of furniture is noticeable because of its elegant lines and curves. It does not have any intricate designs .A unique style using luxurious material molded with synthetic ones and the final result is not formal. This will match well with fashionably wearing a scarf. Expensive material such as rich leather, gold and silver leaf, pearl and ivory are mixed with glass, metal, plastics and resins. The lines are streamlined and elegant. And the hallmarks of such furniture are mirror and chrome surfaces.

Mid Century Modern: The furniture of this era has simple designs that are almost sculptured in quality. The characters of this style of furniture are designs where form follows fashion; there is no 24-reception-desks-05ornamentation with simple lines. There is the usage of traditional material such as wood, metal glass, vinyl and plywood. A vast range of color is used from neutral to bold including white and black.

Casual Contemporary: Contemporary furniture is the same as casual Contemporary furniture or more or less close to it. Casual Contemporary is of softer relaxed style that does not have hard styles. However, at times the scale can be larger than the Contemporary style. This style will look excellent with clean flowers. It is quite neutral in style and that is why it is so popular. How to identify these types of furniture is to notice the rounded and eased edges and corners. Material such as wood, metal glass, vinyl and plywood are used.  The sofas are also having soft surfaces and pillow tops.

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